Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh, Hey Guys.

4 months since my last post? What a disgrace! So, as much as I'd like to chat about my culinary adventures, I've got other business to attend to. I am back in Phoenix, because my little sister was diagnosed with Leukemia in July. I'm taking this time to spend with my family and with her. She's doing well, all things considered, but has thrown us all for a serious loop. I will get back to cooking and talking about it in no time, but first I wanted to share a couple of links.

First is the family blog we've started to keep everyone up to date on Hannah's progress:
www.hannimaltheanimal.com...feel free to take a peek!

Second is a little Etsy shop I set up for her. Because of her treatment, she's unable to work a part time job, so we decided selling her super cute crafty creations is the perfect solution.  All of them are one of a kind and made by her.

so head here to shop! I'll be back sooner than next year to talk about food n stuff. ;) 

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