Monday, June 7, 2010

We All Scream For....Popsicles?!

So, those of you who live in Phoenix or Los Angeles should be fully aware that it's an oven outside. Hot breeze? You never get used to it. Our apartment is on the 2nd floor and half the time I swear its cooler outside than it is inside. Specifically on Saturday afternoon when the techno master living in the complex behind us was playing Alice DJ and the like starting at 8am. Yes, 8am. It's really hard to keep windows and doors open when "do you think you're better off aloooooneeee" is screaching through our backyard and into our house. (I called the cops on him at 5pm because he WOULDN'T give it up). Anywho, the only things I want to eat during these months are fruit and salad. Pasta just doesn't sound good when you're sweating in places you never thought were possible.

On Sunday I made triple-berry popsicles. They are super easy, and even more delicious. The hardest part is, being patient enough for them to freeze. I did things a little differently than the recipe, I don't have a blender (I know, or a mixer) so I boiled the fruit down instead.

SO you will need:

One container raspberries
One container blueberries
One container strawberries
*you can really use any combo berries you'd like. Even pitted cherries!
1 cup simple syrup
Juice from one lemon

Combine 2/3 cup sugar and 2/3 cup water into a sauce pan. Or do what I do, and put however much you feel like into there. I really need to work on my measurements. Bring mixture to a boil, and take off heat once sugar has dissolved. Set aside.

Combine all fruit into a bowl. If you decide to use strawberries be sure to cut off the tops. Obviously. If you're using a blender go ahead and put the mixture into a blender and puree for about 30 seconds then add lemon juice and simple syrup. If you're doing what I did, pour all fruit contents into the same sauce pan you made the simple syrup. (Keep the syrup in the bottom and fold into the berries).

Juice lemon into pan. Let simmer for about 10 minutes until the berries are much softer and the mixture is not as thick. Stir mixture a couple of times to break down the fruit a little more. Remove from heat.
I had to use dixie cups for my molds instead of a super cool tupperware popsicle one. I was HEARTBROKEN when I went to the store and they didn't have any. Oh well, I made do.

These puppies need to freeze for about 3 hours BEFORE you put the popsicle sticks in them. After that, they should freeze for about 3 more then they're ready to eat!

Isn't it pretty? It was so good, that I managed to get the juice all over my white shirt. Way to go, Cobley.


  1. These are gorgeous!
    I love the idea of cooking the fruit to intensify the flavours.

  2. I doubt you were wearing a shirt, first of all. B) Save one for me! x

  3. Andy, you're so right. I was eating topless in my kitchen last night. So liberating. And come get one!

    Em- if you wanna get real crazy...add blackberries! (or maybe a little booze?)