Thursday, November 11, 2010


Left: Best friend sleepover. Center: Amanda put plastic wrap in the oven. Good job! Right: My Jude and his new girlfriend Avery. Could you just die?

I promised myself I would blog at least once a week. And all of a sudden it's been almost 10 days. In my own defense, a lot of changes happened in Sarah-land the past week and I'm trying to settle into these changes and with that came emptiness in my dear sweet kitchen. But what did happen was junk-food and slumber parties, and I am totally allowed.
I have an a-mazing post coming up about dinner I'm making Saturday night as well as a tasty treat I made last week. So bare with me my little bloggers.
OH and are you on twitter? Can we be friends? Please? @sarahmahaira , I mean, I talk about the same things on there as I do, shoes and cats. I am so typical.

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