Monday, December 20, 2010

Who Needs Gas? According to Socal Gas Company...I Don't!

I tried to find a picture of me looking "angry", but couldn't. Apparently I'm too damn happy! Anywho. I rush out of the office on Friday to catch the gas guy so I could FINALLY cook in my new place. I get to my complex, barrel through the front door and what do I find? A "Sorry We Missed You" notice. UM!!! My appointment wasn't even until 45 minutes later! But in an effort to not complain constantly (after all, it IS Christmas!). I looked up some no-cook recipes to get me through the next couple of days so I'm not ordering Chinese and Dominoes. I would like to fit into my New Years dress.

I would love to not have gas when it's July because these no-cook recipes are delicious when it's roasting out, but seriously? It's POURING out and all I want to do is make soup.

Which one of these should I make tonight? Any of them? All of them? Does anyone have any suggestions? I am capable of using my toaster and crock pot, and my Kitchenaid but I don't think that will get me anywhere.


  1. It's raining where I am as well, and none of those seem appetizing! They all look delicious, but I need warmth! {or maybe the gazphaco is warm?

    You should make ultimate tuna melts in your toaster oven. {Tuna, beets, cheese, diced pickles, pepperocinis, etc} Or ultimate grilled cheeses. {Mozz cheese, kale pate, over easy egg, tomato} You can't go wrong with that!

    Good luck,

    Ps. I dig your blog. =]

  2. Oh, and I realized after I posted that that you said you have a toaster, not toaster over. But then I didn't have time to leave my half ass comment telling you so until now. Sooo ya...

  3. Haha Steff, you're so cute! Although I can't do an ulitmate grilled cheese right now- I will SO do that soon! I do love cheese and carbs! Luckily, I leave for the Holidays in 2 days and will be well fed then. xx