Friday, March 5, 2010

Fonwho? Fondue!

EVERYTIME I make a post I think for atleast 5 minutes about what my witty title can be. This one is by far the lamest, so it's my favorite. I'm never gonna hear the end of this one.

It's a little ironic that I live in a city that has some of the best night life in the country and I insist on staying in. Not because I'm lazy, more so because I love to entertain (Mom? Is that you?). When I was little my mom would have bunco night, girls night etc at the house. Jessie and I were forced into our PJs early and up into our parents room to watch movies, little did they know (well I'm sure they did) we would sit on the stairs and watch all the moms laugh, drink wine and have a great time. It looked like such fun! So now, I love to do the same. Putting good food and wine into my friends bellies is so rewarding. So, on New Years Eve this year we decided to do just that. Our next door neighbor/good friend Lauren and I were scheming about having a fun night in with fondue, wine, champagne and whisky for the boys. My favorites Jason  & Andy joined in on the fun and it was so succesful.

The key to fondue is to have 2 pots. One with oil to cook your meat to your liking and the other with cheese. We had beef, shrimp, chicken and pork for our meat. A ton of veggies, bread, pickles (MY FAV!), and olives for other items. What I love so much about fondue is that it forces you to interact with the rest of the table. I can't count how many times I have worried about different groups of friends having something to chat about over dinner when bringing them together. This way, everyone is doing something or trying something different and that creates a conversation in itself.

You can find a good pot for a reasonable price at Target etc. I, of course, am lusting over the Le Creuset one. Staples for your fondue are:
Meat- I personally like beef or pork
Vegetables- roasted potatoes and carrots, tomatoes, asparagus
Bread- cut sourdough into cubes and let it sit out for about an hour or toast it in the oven for a few minutes so its crispy on the outside
Fruit- apples and pears are DELICIOUS with this

Lauren also put out various dips such as mustard and steak sauce. Find great cheese recipes here.

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