Monday, March 15, 2010

Guilty Pleasure #474896132

My love for cheese steaks started last May when we visited Pennsylvania. They sell them basically on every corner, and they are SO good. I never got into the "whiz" (cheese whiz) thing, but liked the hoagie style best. I've been really hesitant about making that at home because 1. they are not the healthiest option in the world and 2. they're surprisingly easy to mess up. SO, I was feeling ambitious and decided to give it a whirl. I had some help from Ryan, considering these are from his homeland.

I used ribeye steaks and just pounded them as much as possible with one of those meat pounder things.

PS- I'm blogging this from the airport right now...well the airport bar. What? There were no seats available at the terminal! I have priorities.

These steaks pounded out to be about 12" long- I really got 'em good. In Philly they use a product called Steak Umms which is basically really thin beef. I didn't think I had access to them, but I was told I can find them at the grocery store here as well.

I sliced the steak into strips and threw them into a greased skillet. They cooked in 10 minutes. I sautee'd 1/2 a yellow onion and 1 whole red bell pepper. NOW- I don't personally like bell pepper but for some reason I do on these. I don't get me sometimes.

 While you're browning your meat be sure to get started on the cheese sauce which is:

2 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 cups milk
2 cups grated provolone cheese

NOW- if you're cooking for don't need this much of the sauce, cut the recipe in half. Trust me.

Melt butter in small sauce pan. Stir in milk and cheese. Stir until cheese is combined and fully melted. You will have to keep an eye on it- for some reason all of the ingredients dont like to stay together.

When steak is done you'll need to cut the pieces to make them a bit smaller, or not, whatever you wish.

I got giant sourdough french rolls from the market for our bread. If you get small ones a lot of your sandwich will fall out. I realize that this isn't a "real" recipe. I kind of flew by the seat of my pants on this one- but I will tell you the cheese SAUCE makes a difference, if you use plain provolone it's just not the same. Veggie alternative: sautee yellow and red bell peppers, yellow onion, and portobello mushrooms instead of using meat.

These were really really good. I even got the seal of approval from a real live City of Brotherly Love native.

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  1. I was saying just the other day that it's been YEARS since I had a P.c.s. and I miss them terribly. Your post could not have come at a better time!