Thursday, March 10, 2011

Farm Box Round Up.

I posted a few weeks ago that I had gotten some delicious treats via Farm Box. While I made an array of yummy treats including an apple pie and roasted garlic, the most delicious of the bunch was a recipe I snagged from Miss James over at Bleubird Vintage. It's called estofado. It's basically Spanish stew, and my my was it tasty. It holds up super well for lunch the next day too. I won't bore all of you with re-posting the ingredients and step-by-step since it's already been done over at Bleubird, but I will show you some of my crazy carrots and potatoes.

One of the things in the Farm Box was heirloom carrots. Some were yellow, some orange, and my favorite, some purple.

I thought they'd be purple all the way through, but to my surprise....they looked like this:

Pretty gorgeous, right? Lurved the colors. 

I also had red and purple potatoes. I figured once peeled and sliced they'd be regular potato color (white-ish?)...but I was surprised again!

They cooked and tasted like normal potatoes and had the consistency of basically a yukon potato. The only problem with them, though is that with this recipe you have to skillet fry your potatoes. The easiest way to tell when they're done is if they're starting to golden up around the edges. Well, purple and magenta potatoes don't do that. They turned out lovely and added some serious color to the dish. 
If you are looking for something packed full of veggies, jump over to that recipe. You won't be disappointed! 

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