Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Being at Sundance for 6 days food. Out to dinner every night and hotel breakfasts. Lots of random salads and sandwiches. When I finally got home yesterday all I wanted was greens. (and I don't mean that kinda greens! bad joke? ok.)

I marched my happy ass straight to the grocery store and was hungry when I shopped. Well done, Sarah. I basically bought the entire produce section at Ralphs.

I came home from work tonight and threw a bunch together and roasted. Not much of a recipe but my my, so good.

red potatoes
brussel sprouts (obvi)
1 giant shallot
baby brocolli (they're so cute!)

Add a little olive oil, garlic and an herb of your choice. I made this a few months ago. Lavendar, oregano and other various ones..its delicious!

Easy breezy! I know it's not much of a recipe, but bite me. It's a good fix for some veggies!

It was a pajama pant and Gypsyz kinda night.


  1. yummy i love roast veggies, i get total vegtable and fruit craving.


  2. im allergic to so many veggies and allergic to all of them raw, it kills me!

  3. Lynn, what can you eat and how do you have to prepare them? What a bummer!