Sunday, February 28, 2010

Now I'm No Food Critic....

Since I started cooking more regularly, I have become quite the food critic whenever we go out. We live in an area of town that's pretty heavily occupied by non-chain restaurants. Can't find a Sizzler or Olive Garden for miles. I find that to be pretty uncommon in this city and for that I'm a lucky girl. From cash-only under $10 Thai food to $18 breakfast plates.

Sunday's are my "me" day (I work a 40+ hour work week, am in the middle of starting my own business and I like to cook at least 4 nights out of the week, I can be exhausting.). I want to brunch, lunch, drink a mimosa or 12 and attempt to relax a little. This morning my darlings Jason and Andy scooped me up and we headed to a neighborhood favorite of mine, Reservoir I had never been there for brunch, but I do know that their dinner is D E L I S H, and the place is just adorable. Jason got the breakfast pizza (intrigued? I would be too.), Andy went with the veg scramble and I decided on 2 poached eggs with asparagus, fancy bacon on top and corn fritters. I always find myself saying "I can do this myself!" when I go to eat. It makes it really hard to eat out, when I know I could do the same thing at home for much less and most times better- I swear I'm not tooting my own horn here (toot toot). This time? Not so much. I could probably pull off Andy's veggie scramble, but mine and Jason's dishes were nothing short of a masterpiece. Presentation really goes a long way and boy do they present.

My only, yes only, gripe is that the portions are on the smaller side (I'm saying this as I took home half my meal). To give myself a little credit, I was half way full on champagne and coffee by the time it got to me. I also have to remember that usually when I go out to eat my lovely company is a 6'2 very hungry guy that could eat my weight in just about anything.

So, if you're on my side of town you gotta check this place out. Speaking of which they are having their 1 year celebration on Thursday "FREE WINE" is the only thing I remember from the flyer. Is that bad?

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  1. I sure am darling, but this new makeover is the darlingest! Love ya!