Monday, February 21, 2011

Drool-Worthy Vanilla Bean Fondue.

Happy Presidents Day, kids! Here's the recipe for the vanilla bean fondue that I continue to dream about ever since eating it. Don't stop reading this JUST because you don't have a fondue pot. You could use your stove top! I am the queen of improvising/not doing things by the live a little! Read on:

You'll need:

8oz Mascarpone

1/2 cup heavy cream

1/3 cup maple syrup

2 teaspoons cornstarch

vanilla bean or extract.

dash of cinnamon.
In a fondue pot (or any other heating apparatus!) heat heavy whipping cream.

Once it bubbles just a little teeny tiny bit. Add the marscapone. (FUN FACT: Can't find marscapone? That's ok! Use 8oz cream cheese!). Once cheese is melted, it should look similar to this:

Mix cornstarch and maple syrup in a seperate bowl. Set aside.

Mix vanilla and cinnamon into fondue. RIGHT before you're ready to serve it, mix in. If you do it too soon everything will be RUINED! That's a lie, I don't know if it will be ruined, but I would assume it wouldn't be as delicious.

And there we have it! A fancy dessert that's easy peasy. Seriously. Impress your friends. Or a hot date. Or a hot date AND your friends. on the look out this week...I'm going to be doing my first giveaway EVER.. Wahoo!

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  1. im not even crazy about vanilla things, but that looks so awesome. i need to try!