Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roasting Garlic 101.

I effing love garlic. Seriously. If a recipe doesn't ask for garlic I'll put it in there anyway. And onions. I love those too. Basically anything to make me 100% un-kissable. Whateva. Roasting garlic is actually not as simple as throwing cloves in a roasting pan, putting the oven to 400 degrees and leaving it for 45 minutes. No sir. I learned the hard way. If you leave it alone too long, it will burn. If you have the temp up too high, it will cook too fast resulting it to...well...burn. SO this is how I do it:

Grab 2-3 garlic heads and take out each clove. Cut off either end of clove so garlic is exposed. Now. You can either leave the skins on and then pop the garlic out after its roasted OR peel them. I had always peeled them prior to roasting which is amazingly time consuming. This time I peeled half, and left half the skins on to see what happens.

Leave all cloves whole, unless you get a big fat mama clove like this one, cut it in half. Otherwise it won't roast at the same pace.

Heat your oven to no hotter than 350 degrees. Toss the cloves in olive oil or else they will dry out. Roast them in the oven for about 45 minutes to an hour. REMEMBER to toss the cookie sheet every 15 minutes or so. Unless you like burnt garlic, that is. Garlic should be golden brown in color once it's finished.

You can serve it on top of your protein at dinner, use in a salad or with other vegetables. OR do what I did, make garlic bread! I used:

a multi-grain baguette
parmesean cheese

Slice your baguette, spread a thin layer of butter then place 2-3 cloves on each piece. Top with cheese and stick in your broiler for about 5 minutes. YUM.

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