Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fancy Lookin' Fondue Compliments.

LOOK AT ME! Bloggin' 2 nights in a row! TWO! You know you're ever so proud of me. So last week Lauren and I (she's no stranger to this blog...we're basically the same person...she works in fashion and shares the same undying/fat kid love for food that I have) cooked up a storm. With how amazingly busy I've been it's hard for me to get quality time in with my friends but when I do we go hard. And by go hard I mean we seriously cook.

We made vanilla bean fondue for dessert, and to not overwhelm you little kitties, I have decided to break it up into two posts. I am going ass-backwards right now and am posting the dipping food prior to the fondue recipe (mostly because I still have to get the recipe of the fondue from Lauren...stop judging). ANYWAY.

We got some gorgeous organic strawberries and peaches:

And we made some cute little no-fry *not no-bake like it said earlier...thanks for pointing it out, Steff!** churros. These are the easiest things in the world to make. Unless you wanna get fancy and make your own dough which we SO didn't do. We're not THAT ambitious. Get yourself a sheet or 2 of puff pastry, although you'll probably just need one. It tends to go a long way. Roll it out on a cutting board and cover it in an unhealthy amount of cinnamon and sugar. (Am I the only one that has to look up the spelling of cinnamon EVERY TIME I spell it? Yes? Ok :/)

Cut dough into 1/2" wide pieces.

Twist 'em! If you don't do this, they'll look boring and wont dip well. Just sayin'.

Set your oven to 350 and bake them for no more than 20 minutes. They'll puff up quite nicely and get perfectly cripsy.

Heck, you don't even need to make fondue to go with these. They're delicious by themselves (I would know, I ate at least 10). Or melt carmel down for dipping. YUM!!!  Tomorrow I'll come to you with the fondue recipe.

Ooh! And here we are, cookin' and stuff. Wanna know what I'm wearing? I haven't done this in a while so why not!

Boots: Doc Martens
Socks: Target
Jeans: AG
Striped Top: Urban Outfitters
Crop Top: Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: M. Cohen

Oh! And I'd love to do some guest posts/have some of you post your favorite recipes on here. Lemme know if you're interested! <3


  1. those churros look awesome! i love fondue

  2. The churros are so quick and easy they look amazing, so going to give them ago, It could be dangerous bacause i think they could be addictive :)
    shhhh dont tell anyone i also have to look up the spelling!!!


  3. I thought you said they were no bake churros?! hehe

    THose strawberries look so delicious; I can't wait until they're in season so I can eat them every day!

    I'd be interested in doing a guest post, my food would even be gluten free, a bonus! My email is spackard91 {at} gmail {dot} com

  4. Oh wait! No fry churros! oopsy! I'll email you Steff, thank you!

  5. ooo... these are a must try! thanks for sharing!