Friday, February 25, 2011

Tweet Tweet!

top row: brand spankin' new sequiny sweatshirt, kissin' curtis, sweet fake tan 
2nd row: mutant double kiwi, the reason I want to have a baby girl, my love/hate relationship with LA
3rd row: blonder than ever, National Margarita Day (it's real!), goggles-Jude
Last row: my BFFS (ladies, Jared is single!), Bodhi hiding in my hair, the beach in January

Helloooo new followers! Thanks for stoppin' by. I wanted to invite you to follow me via Twitter as well (you know, only if you wanna). I must warn you: I'm an over-tweeter, I rant, I post far too many pictures (see examples above) and I more than likely lose multiple followers on the daily for things I say. I am "protected" however I'll totes approve ya! (I just don't like work-related people to have access to my ENTIRE life, I'd like one part of my internetz for me)
The bright side? I'm basically offering up free ammo to make fun of me. See below:

 Sarah Elizabeth 

It looks like a murder scene on my desk for unsuccessfully peeling a blood orange. oops.

 Sarah Elizabeth 

My phone just corrected "i lurve booze" to "i lurve boobs" my phone wants me to be a lesbian, not an alcoholic.

 Sarah Elizabeth 

So... I'm allowed to start drinking now right?
(note: it was 11am) 

 Sarah Elizabeth 

That just killed my lady boner, now I only have a semi


  1. sounds like just the type of tweets i like to read! ;)

  2. umm...the term "lady boner" just made my life a little bit better.