Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Farmers Market Biatches.

Okay. Hi. I realize I've (yet again) neglected my little internet corner recently. What? Sundance, The Grammys, my days off are few and far between currently so you can't get mad at me, k? K! I mean, how could you get mad at this face? I'm sure a lot of people, because it's probably the worst picture I will ever post of myself on the world wide web. HOWEVER. Don't I look tan? Because I was. My boss forced me (read: asked me if I wanted to and I said yes) to get a spray tan at one of the booths at the Grammys. I would also like to point out my feather extension. I know what you're thinking. I'm turning into some sorta hippie. While that might be true, I'm still shaving my legs. I just realized I have to take it out on Saturday because I'm getting my hair done and I am VERY upset. But not upset as everyones eyes would be if they had to see me one more week with unkept locks. But I digress..

Saturday morning Lauren and I ventured to the Silverlake Farmers Market. It was GORG outside. I even wore shorts. SHORTS! More so because I wanted to show off my sweet tan. It's gone now, in case any of you were wondering.

I picked out some fruits and veggies. Even some goat cheese and some of the prettiest bread I've ever laid my baby blues on. You know the kinda bread that looks fake? Yeah, that kind. But, my friends, it was not fake. It was like carb-heaven.

MY TASTE BUDS WERE DANCING THE MINUTE I PUT ONE OF THOSE BLOOD ORANGES INTO MY MOUTH. So much so, that I felt compelled to use all caps when typing that sentence. If I wasn't scared I'd get chased down by angry hipsters, I would have bolted with that entire tupperware full of them to have all to myself. (This is coming from the girl with a feather extension in her hair....I'M SORRY).

Things you have to look forward to:

Vanilla bean fondue recipe
French potato au gratin recipe
Roasted chicken recipe
Olive tapenade recipe

YES all of them have actually been cooked AND photographed so I promise will do my best to get them up in a timely manner.

For now, please don't stop following me, k? I promise I'll post more than once every two weeks. LURVE YOU! xo

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