Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Confessions Of A Foodie Blogger

I WISH I could say I cooked every night. Really, I do. But when you work as much as I do, sometimes cooking dinner just sounds terrible. (I know, I'm sorry). Last night my friend Lauren and I (you'll hear about her on this blog a ton) were going to have wine and make these delicious sounding brie and turkey sammies..when we both got home from our respective jobs in the fashion mecca that is Los Angeles, we decided it just wasn't gonna happen. What did we do? Ordered Thai!

There's a delicious little hole in the wall down the street from our apartments (she just so happens to be my next door neighbor, makes late night chats so much easier!) that is cheap and delivers within 20 minutes. Oh, Mae Ploy, how I love you.

Yes, that's 2 bottles of wine. Yes, we each keep one to ourselves. What? When you work a 10 hour day you should be allowed a little tasty treat.

What did we order, you ask? Shrimp pad thai, fried wontons (I gave up on caring about calories at this point) and chicken satae.

If you look verrrrrrry closely, you'll see a black kitty tryin' to snag himself a little chicken.

(No, we were not drinking whisky, that's a part of my amazing vintage coffee table)
So here's to good food, even better wine and the best of friends.
OH and over the knee boots.

And yes, my legs basically glow in the dark at this point.
Oh and if we wanna get crazy with outfit details:
Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Socks: Target
Dress: Gypsy 05
Jacket: Current/Elliott.


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