Thursday, October 21, 2010

SUSHI!!! *Image heavy, obvi!*

Clearly. this was  REALLY exciting thing for me. Sushi is pretty intimidating and I always thought I would F it up. It's really more about patience than talent, quite frankly. My dearest Lauren (she started a blog last month and will be updating it more so click on her name to check it out!) took a class on Friday and passed her knowledge down to me. Now. I'm not going to do a recipe or tutorial because I was strictly learning the ways of the sushi last night, but I figured I'd share a few pictures and fill all of you in that sushi making is seriously not as hard as it seems. You nee to make sure you have the proper rice, sushi grade fish and good soy/seaweed paper. You'd be surprised how much better yours tastes than if you go out. I'm never going to a sushi place again! That's a lie. I totally will, but now I know that making it isn't that hard. Enough with the chit chat and onto the good stuff!

Fun fact! Most wasabi you get in resaurants is actually horseradish. Real wasabi costs about $100 a pound because it's hard to grow. Get the powder from your local Japanese market and mix it with water to get close to the real thing.

Ever wonder why sushi chefs keep a giant bowl of water next to their station? Because of the way the rice is cooked, their hands will stick to it and ruin the roll unless they're wet.

My turn to try, yahoo! An inside out roll even, how fancy!

I literally jumped around laughing when I did it right. Like a little girl with Bieber Fever. Yeah, I said it. It was a proud moment.


It wouldn't be  a No Thank You Bite post if I didn't post a picture of my feet. I was feeling very lumberjack chic. Don't be jealous of my $10 flannel I got in the boys section of Target. Ok, be jealous, it was an amazing find.


  1. YEAH! Those look awesome! You did such a good job and sushi is challenging. I haven't tackled it yet - just onigiri. Definite points for boys section shopping!

  2. Gah, that looks too good! I love Sushi, I'll have to try making this for sure. :)

  3. I make spam musubi on a regular basis but I may start trying rolls...hmmm;) Good job!!

  4. Good lord! You're amazing for knowing how to make sushi, can you please come over and cook for me? I'll bake for you :) I'll have to try this out! And I'm not jealous of your flannel from Target because I may or may not have purchased a similar one to yours a few days ago! Woopwoop!<3