Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food Through The Eyes Of My Blackberry.

Top Row: First night cooking in my new kitchen, corn salad, cream puffs, farmers market findings, banana bread, Miami Vice from Mondrian West Hollywood.

2nd Row: Pinkberry smoothie (AMAZING), mini red velvet cupcake, smore roasting with natalie, spice cupcakes, my 25lb bird strapped into my passenger seat for the ride home, dessert with amanda

3rd row: wine with friends, yogurt stop in west hollywood, prep for seared pork chops, andy's bruschetta, wiener mobile (TOTALLY FOOD RELATED), The Dude sandwich at honey hole in seattle (send me one, pls!)

4th row: First attempt at fallafel, po dog in seattle, champagne and strawberries from zoe and my romantical getaway, bbq rib prep, wine and cake- typical basket contents when i go to trader joes, sushi success

5th row: Candy shop in dani's town, giant bag of fruit from a street vendor, fruit and cheese plate at andy and j's, carrot cake in my lap, leftover apple pie, leftover cheesecake.

Last row: FAVORITE WINE (Francis Coppola 2007 Zin), donuts, latte in seattle, popsicle prep, clam chowder in seattle, bok choy prep.

I take more pictures of my cats and food/food related items with my phone than I do anything else. #sad

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