Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shoes From The Eyes of My Blackberry.

Everyone is doing their Fall Fashion posts this week which I lurve. I can't justify doing it on a food blog (and we all saw what happened last time I tried to take an outfit shot of myself), so I figured I'd show off some of my favorite shoes. I PROMISE this is my last collage. OK I don't promise, but it's my last one today. Unless you want a kitten collage and if you do I can make like 15. Onwards...

Top Row: leopard oxfords; urban outfitters, riding boots; doc marten, ankle booties; minnetonka
2nd Row: old toms, new toms (silver sparkle), platform oxfords; castaner, floral boots; doc marten
3rd Row: camel oxfords; urban outfitters, high tops; converse, royal blue flats; aldo
4th Row: repeat offender (sorry, i wasn't paying attention), lace up boots; joie, knee high mocs; minnetonka
Last Row: striped tennies; urban outfitters, color block oxfords; urban outfitters, wool cordones; toms. 

I've learned something about myself from this: I really like shoes with laces.


  1. eeek! I LOVE the sparkly ones!!!!!!!!

  2. Can I ask where you work? I love the way you dress it reminds of how all of us Urbanites dress (aka I work for Urban Outfitters). ps. You are so funny, I love your blog!

  3. I work for a company called Gypsy 05 doing their PR and all that fun stuff :)...I totally used to work for Urban Outfitters! So so long ago!
    And thank you, you're so sweet! xo