Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Lurve Cake.

This weekend I went to the most darling shower for my girlfriend Danielle. Aside from hovering over the food table the entire afternoon (it was delish!) and getting to see some of my favorite faces. I kept eyeing the cake. Yes, because I wanted to eat it, but also because at some point in my kitchen career I want to make something this spectacular. My friend Emily over at Chasing The Dish just did something similar and ever since then it's been floatin' around in my brain ever since I peeped the pictures. Perhaps I should sign up for a class or two at Kiss My Bundt before diving in.

Here's the gorgeous cake:

Pretty amazing, right? Right. I love how precise and on point everything is. That's what worries me about ever attempting something like this. I think I'm better at cooking vs baking because I can kinda make stuff up as I go along.

The cake was 4 layer red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Just perfect.

Aside from dreaming of cake this week, I'll be dusting off my crock pot and utilizing my kitchenaid. OH and remembering to bring my camera into the kitchen with me. I promise.


  1. Yay! Looking forward to seeing what you cook up :) and Danielles cake was amazing! Wish I could cut a slice for myself through the computer screen LOL

  2. you are too cute!! I am sure you will make an amazing cake, simply because you worked your booty off for it. ;)
    Love that you whipped out the crock pot though, my type of cold weather cooking.

  3. That cake is gorgeous! Looks delicious.