Monday, October 11, 2010

NOT About Food?!

I'm stepping out of my kitchen for a moment to quickly note today's ensemble. You know those days when you feel especially awesome about what you chose to wear? That was today for me. I've been all into Seattle grunge lately....maybe because I miss my Seattle girls so much?

Boots: Doc Martens
Socks: Target

Dress: Forever 21

Sweater: Helmut Lang

Nail polish: Essie

I won't normally do posts like this, but I have gotten a lot of new readers recently (hi!) and thought you could see a little more of me. There's really nothing fashion related in this blog, BUT my career is in the fashion industry, so it's a big part of me. 

PS: Sorry the photos totally suck, it's hard taking pictures of yourself with no tripod.


  1. Love everything about this post...especially the new hair! Ooh la la!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog!
    I am a new blogger actually and I wanted you to know that your boots are darling.

  3. Thank you! If you stick around and read more of my posts you'll learn I have a bit of a boot obsession :). Gonna take a peak around your blog to! xo

  4. LOVE your boots!!!!! They look awesome with the socks!

  5. i adore your boots!! and your hair is fab-u-lous! :)

  6. Love the outfit! Sock/boot combo is awesome.