Friday, October 15, 2010

"Regular" Blog Withdrawls?

I had a regular blog for a long time, but I rarely updated it and felt that no one gave a crap what I was up to. I had like 3 followers, all of which, were my friends. Still feeling the need to have an outlet I started No Thank You Bite and have had so much fun with it. Every so often though, I'll feel the need to have another outlet that's not friends (love ya!), food or family. Today is one of those days. I promised myself I wouldn't unleash my personal life onto this blog with the exception of key points (like my job and stuffs). So without doing just that, I figured I'd post the video to my current favorite song by my namesake...except she spells her name without an H....tsk tsk. I feel like I identify completely to it at the moment. But don't be diggin' too deep my friends, it's not about anyone imparticular.


  1. I definitely know what you mean. For the longest time, the only people who followed me were my friends...who didn't even read! So I started all over again and I'm welcoming myself to the anonymous internet :) and I like it a lot more!